Cotton Flannel Wash Cloths (Pack of 2)

Fits in your hand wash cloth

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Personal Care is a complex situation to navigate when a loved one has dementia and can be a stressful experience for all involved. We have created these pretty cotton flannel wash cloths for daily washes.

Our cotton wash cloths fit perfectly in the palm of your hand which means for someone who has lost any hand dexterity they are easier to manage. Alternatively, if you are washing someone this feature of palm shaped flannels means you have more control over the cloth as you wash someone.

They come in packs of two so you can wash and rinse with one and then pat dry with the other. The cotton material is very soft on the skin. 

Sizing Chart

ROARINGLY PRECIOUS' garments are generously sized to support our goal of making dressing easier. Garments are designed with a loose fit style meaning that, when dressing, they have the ease of a size bigger. However, once on the garments fit true to size.

If you or a loved one is in between sizes such as a 14-16 it is recommended to buy the small side of your sizing (Medium 12-14). However, if you are a set size then stay with that size for example if you are a 12-14 then buy a Medium (12-14).

Sizing Chart
Extra Large
Bust 30-32 34-36 38-40 42-44
Waist 28 32 36 40
Hip 36 40 44 48
Inside Leg 26/28/30 26/28/30 26/28/30 26/28/30