At ROARINGLY PRECIOUS we are passionate and committed to the consideration of the ethical impacts of our business. We endeavour to continue learning and developing to be a sustainable, ethical and environmentally aware business.

Sara decided to base ROARINGLY PRECIOUS in the beautiful place of South Wales to ensure the company would have solid policies on wages and working conditions. It also meant that by manufacturing and selling garments in the same country the carbon footprint from fabric to product has been reduced.

The fabric for THE LITTLE HARRIS COLLECTION has been sourced mainly from British fabric suppliers. A lot of the fabrics included in THE LITTLE HARRIS COLLECTION have a OE-TEX fabric standard certification meaning that the fabrics have been tested and deemed safe with no harmful chemicals in their fibres. Some of the fabrics are made in the UK and we are evolving as we learn, sourcing more and more organic fabrics. 

Sara has also sought to design clothing that is multi-seasonal so wearers are able to get the most out of the clothing throughout the year. The natural cottons in all the clothing makes the clothing comfortable and durable. This, partnered with garments having been specifically designed to be worn together in a number of looks, encourages people to invest in fewer but higher quality garments compared to buying multiple fast fashion garments. 

To make sure we utilise any fabric waste we have begun to make gift products in bundles such as face flannels and picture pockets. 

Going forward, we want to expand our gift product range and continue our research into sustainable fabrics that can be sourced in the UK. We are also researching opportunities for ROARINGLY PRECIOUS to design its own prints for fabrics in-house, making the clothing even more original and unique.