Attention to detail

We at ROARINGLY PRECIOUS believe in providing customers with quality garments that are made to the highest standard. Here we want to share some of the work that goes into each lovingly made garment and highlight the details we find important.

The Liddy Blouse and Rachel Dress have fully faced necklines making sure that only the right side of fabric is seen along the opening. The full facing creates a clean finish and adds an extra layer around the back of the neck for a little extra warmth where a chill is often felt. It also acts as a prompt to help people recognise the inside from the outside.

The Joan Warmer and Cece Top have pretty collars that have been top stitched to create a smart durable finish.

The Gigi Skirt and Gwen Trousers have a covered elastic waistband for maximum comfort and a neat finish, enabling a simplified dressing experience.